Vanier Tournament 2004

This tournament turned out to be a big success for both the competitive team
and the recreational teams.  This also being a first for tournament play for many
of the players.  A total of 4 teams had been submitted made of friends.

Mad Cows - 1st Place Competitive
Luc Chevalier, Eric Fields, Allan Buckingham, Silvio Camplani, Guylaine Prévost, 
Dorota Kulig

 Audit Air - 1st Place Recreational
Raimo Heyduck, Greg Harris, Fred Purkey, Maureen Custy, Lynn Capes,
Monika Martin

Rising Stars - 2nd Place Recreational
Sebastien Picard, Dmitry Jernakov, Vlad Eremin, Jonathan Caron,
Stella Syrianos, Christine Joanis

Crazy Coconuts
Robert Wong, Brian Hossack, Adam Swan, Alicia Garlardo, Natalie Galardo,
Lee-Ann Gorecki