Défi Corporatif Canderel Tournament 2005

The day started with a 6-1 Round Robin  Ladder.  Not walking away with any of the games.  The Crazy Coconuts battled hard for every victory and stuck together till the final point was scored.


After getting into the playoffs, it wasn't until after another 6 more games till we walked away as champions.


As for the Mad Cows they got bumped to the Competitve B which was a bit too competitive for these rising stars.  But they did not back out that quickly, they made the other teams work for the win.

Team: Crazy Coconuts

Finish: 1st Place Competitive B


Robert Wong

Luc Chevalier

Brian Hossack

Phillipe Masson

Marylene LaRoche



Team: Mad Cows
Finish: 6th Place Competitive B


Sebastien Picard
Steven Chiu
Jonathan Caron
Vlad Eremin
Dorota Kulig
Stella Syrianos
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